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Whangarei Wheel Alignment

Looking for Whangarei wheel alignment services?

Look no further than All About Tyres!

We are the leading Whangarei wheel alignment experts. Correct wheel alignment has a direct impact on the life of your tyres, how well your car handles on the road and ultimately, the safety of you and your family. Our wheel alignment specialist has had over 30 years’ experience, is highly qualified and knowledgeable. It’s fair to say he’s got wheel alignment down to a fine art! His expertise will ensure your wheels are correctly aligned every time.


How often to check wheel alignment

All About Tyres recommends getting a wheel alignment check every year or every 10,000kms. You may not know that a wheel alignment check is also required in the following instances:

  • After tyre replacement

  • When your steering wheel is vibrating or unstable

  • After a car accident

  • When you’re experiencing a decrease in fuel efficiency

  • When you’re experiencing difficulty in handling

  • When there is uneven wear on one or more tyres


    Why trust your family’s safety to anyone else? We are the premier Whangarei wheel alignment specialists. Trust All About Tyres to ensure your wheels are aligned and balanced correctly.


    If your car is due for a wheel alignment check or if you’re experiencing any of the issues listed above, contact us today.


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