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Whangarei Tyre Fitting and Sales

Whangarei Tyre Fitting and Sales Experts

At All About Tyres we pride ourselves on being the best in Whangarei. Tyre fitting and sales are second nature to us and we ensure you get the right tyre for your needs. Our experience, knowledge and know-how enables us to fit the right tyre to you!


If it has tyres, we can find and fit tyres to it. From lawnmowers to tractors, cars to caravans, we have the tyres for you.


Why cheaper tyres are a false economy

We understand that purchasing tyres for your car can be a big outlay, but we also know the inevitable cost of doing things on the cheap. Cheaper tyres may seem like an attractive prospect, especially when everyone’s budgets are tightening. But what you may not know is that cheaper tyres can cost you more in the long run.


Our years of experience in tyres has demonstrated that not all tyres are created equal.


Northland’s roads are among the worst in New Zealand, with unpredictable twists and turns and unstable, uneven surfaces. Our roads can cause excessive wear and tear on your tyres, while raising the need for reliable and vehicle-appropriate tyre selection. Add Northland’s high rainfall to the mix and we often get treacherous conditions. Therefore, we require tyres which can stand up to whatever our Northland roads throw at them.


When your family’s safety is at stake, why compromise?

We stand by tyre brands which perform consistently, both in handling and in safety. All About Tyres stocks the following brands:

  • Yokohama

  • Firestone

  • Bridgestone

  • Supercat

  • Superia

  • Toyo


    We also sell the best 4WD tyres in Whangarei, and we can advise you on the best brand to suit your vehicle.


    We not only sell the best tyre brands in Whangarei, we have the best tyre service team in Whangarei! Tyres are an investment, and any investment should be looked after. Let All About Tyres help you protect your tyres to ensure happy and safe motoring.


    Buy your tyres on Saturday and Sunday in Whangarei.

    All About Tyres is the only tyre store in Whangarei open all day on the weekends! We know you are busy and have things to do during the week and so we go out of our way to make sure we are open when you need us.


    Need need tyres on Sunday in Whangarei? Drop in and and see the team at All About Tyres in Kamo. 


    Is Saturday your tyre buying day? All About Tyres are your guys.



    Contact your tyre fitting and sales experts today!


    Punctures & Repairs

    Puncture Repairs Saturday and Sunday in Whangarei

    Why go to anyone else? Our dedicated team are the best at what we do, and we take the hassle out of puncture repairs.
    We use only the best materials and techniques.
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